The first Ford truck ( Model T pick-up) came out in the year 1918. This had the regular Model T look, but it had the Model T One-Ton truck chassis, built especially for this truck. This truck came with a 3.9 liter inline 4 engine, the newest of its time. In 1925, for a new model T pick-up, it cost $281. next the Model A open cab pickup is introduced. This truck came out in 1927 and retailed from $500-$1200. This truck put out about 40 horse power and consumed around 25-30 mpg. This truck was new for its time because it offered 4-wheel mechanical drum brakes and a reverse gear. For the 1920's this was the top machine. Next came the Ford Model B Pick-up.This truck was the top of the line because it offered a V8 engine compared to a inline four. Since the engine was upgraded to a V8, it had about 65 horse power andretailed at around $600.

1st generation F series

In 1948, Ford motor company released the all new first generation F-series. These post-war line of vehicles ranged from F-1 to F-8. Certain in the first series all looked alike, like F-1 to F-3.The only difference was the chassis strength, the engine size, and the bed length. These trucks offered a "See-Clear" system that washed your windshield with the push of a foot plunger. From F-4 to F-8, the size increases dramatically. The F-4's were designed to be a small school bus or a small moving truck while the F-8 was a conventional truck.

2nd generation F series

With the second generation pick-ups, the look became more integrated and instead of a truck being F-1, it became an F-100. In this series, each model featured a dome light, lighter, arm rest, sun visor, radio and an optional power steering. The second generation F series can easily be knows as it has vertical windshield pillars and a wrap around windshield, unlike the sloped pillars and angled windshield of the first series.

3rd generation F series

Internally, the third generation F series stayed the same. As for externally it looked like a whole new truck. This truck was known for its white hood with its red body color.

4th generation F series

In 1961, the fourth generation was redesigned for a wider look. Also, the fourth generation offered an "Uni body" truck that was built with an integrated cab and box. In 1965, New " Twin I-Beam" front suspension was introduced. This made the ride much smoother and made the truck ride like a car. Also in 1965, Ford created the name "Ranger" to represent a styling package that had mustang bucket seats and a curtain over the gas tank.

5th generation F series

In 1970, Ford came out with a new Ranger trim line, the Ranger XLT, Ranger, Sport custom and custom. Each of the Ranger trim line offered different paint jobs that depended on the buyer. These models came with ; Heater controls, arm rests, interior door handles and window cranks.

6th generation F series

In the 6th generation, the front grille was completely re-done. In this model, the grille is split in half and the letters " FORD " are spelt across the front grille.
Also in this generation a new model was offered, the F350 SRW ( single rear wheel) truck. This new F350 was created mostly for contractors and or campers.

7th generation F series

The Seventh generation had a much more square look due to its re-designing. The major reason behind redoing the shape was for better fuel efficiency. On top of the new shape, the new Automatic overdrive transmission was added on the light duty trucks. Another major improvement of this generation was the fact that the front suspension became independent. In 1980 and 1981 there was the custom which had manual locks and windows, rubber mats, and vinyl seats with other accessories. The Ranger that had a matching trim all around. The Ranger XLT which had matching trim on the interior and exterior. Finally the Ranger lariat that had a plush interior, wood trim on the door panels and the special "Lariat" emblems on the dash. Since the F-100 was dropped as a base model, the new F-150 took its place and began sale in 1984.

8th generation F series

In 1987 the design was made easier for maintenance. This truck became the first with standard rear anti lock brakes. Four wheel-drive improvements were added on top of automatic locking hubs. as an upgrade of the I-beam suspension, Ford also offered a four-wheel-drive swing arm and independent from suspension called Twin traction beam. Finally in 1991, a "nite' trim package was available. This included all blacked out interior trim and a pink or blue/purple side stripe.

9th generation F series

In 1992, all trucks received a new " aerodynamic " look. This change was also hoping to improve gas mileage.This series was know for its; 17-inch aluminum wheels, gas-charged shocks, and a new type of performance handling. The stock engine was a 351-cubic-inch, 240 horsepower, 5.8L, V8 engine. The major interior changes were: a new remote key less entry system, a compact CD player, power drivers seat and a tinting system for the rear view mirror. This new tinting system turned on at night time and made it so that the headlights shining into your rear view mirror, would not be as bright, this giving you better views of the cars behind you.

10th generation F series

For the tenth generation trucks, the nose became even more rounded. This new look was suppose to blend with the current time. Another major change was the fact that the 3.8L V6 was being replaced with a 4.2L OHV V6 and the 4.9L OHV i6 were being replaced with 5.0L and 5.8L OHV V8 engines. The new 4.6L and 5.4L engines were known as " Triton " engines. These engines were the first to use the new " Modular Single Overhead Cam" engines or known as SOHC. Now a customer could choose of the bed style that they personally like. They could choose from a regular cab, SuperCab, standard or flareside boxes, and short or long beds. This new F-150 became Motor Trends Truck of the year for 1997.

11th generation F series

In 2004, Ford redesigned the door style and the window tint. This year Ford offered a 4.6L Triton or the new 3-valve 5.4L 3V Triton V8 Engines. Some of these models offered an optional maunal transmission which was very different for trucks. In 2007, The F-150 got a safety rating of five stars from the NHSTA for frontal collisions. This mad the 2007 model more popular.

12th generation F series

The 12th generation of Ford is focused on the Ford F-150 Raptor. This new Truck was Built for high speed offroad use. Inside the raptor is the 5.4L V8 or the 6.2L V8 which average at around 380 horsepower. In the first year of sales, Ford sold 5300 raptors. The retail of a ford Raptor starts at around $40,000 and can go as high as $50,000. Thus making this truck fords most expensive F-150.

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